Travel News: Airlines, Tourism and Airfares

April 26, 2024
Igor Kopmar Joins Industry Experts at Sabre's Headquarters to Discuss Future Trends and Strategic Partnerships in Travel

April 05, 2024
Delegation led by Igor Kopmar signed a long-term partnership contract with Link Tour Air in Yerevan

March 31, 2024
We extend our warmest wishes this Easter to our agents, clients, travel business partners, and their families

March 30, 2024
A new automated multitasking service elevates RH Travel’s customer support experience

February 29, 2024
RH Travel's CEO gives explanations on how and why the company's corporate Facebook page is being updated

February 24, 2024
Jump start your spring and summer vacations with more affordable and convenient flights to Europe, thanks to Condor's new spring service and the strategic partnership with RH Travel

February 09, 2024
RH Travel Is Delighted to Congratulate All Its Friends on the Occasion of the Chinese New Year

January 19, 2024
RH Travel conducted another presentation of IT products for representatives of Voyzant, a global travel consolidator in Canada

December 24, 2023
RH Travel extends holiday season greetings to its business partners, travel agents, and their families

November 01, 2023
RH Travel, a pioneering Global Airfare Consolidator, is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new website

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