Skype2Email Manager: Achieving More in Less Than 30 Seconds

A new automated multitasking service elevates RH Travel’s customer support experience

In the final stretch of Easter week, the IT department at RH Travel, Inc., sparked enthusiasm across the team with the announcement of their latest service launch, an innovative software tool dubbed the Skype2Email Manager.

"This automated multitasking manager will enable us to significantly enhance our Customer Support Service operations," states Pavel Tvaladze, who led the development team behind the innovation.

"I want to clarify that the inception of the Skype2Email Manager wasn't due to any complaints about our support agents from myself or our clients; far from it," remarks Igor Kopmar, founder and CEO of RH Travel. "It was our reflection on our experiences interacting with clients via Skype that led us to ponder: how could we make this service even better by integrating original solutions and cutting-edge technologies? And thus, a spontaneous idea transformed into an exceptionally cool product."

The operation of the online manager, built on Skype technology, is no mystery. As soon as a new client initiates a support request through Skype, the service automatically creates a group chat, incorporating both the client's and the support agents' accounts.

Following this, the Skype2Email Manager sends a link to the chat to the client and also forwards the client's message into the new group chat, ensuring the agents cannot miss the directed communication. Moreover, if a new message from the client enters the group chat and remains unanswered for 30 seconds, the service sends an email notification to all agents.

"Therefore," Pavel Tvaladze explains, "the new tool not only reduces to zero the likelihood of 'missing' a message from a client via Skype — thanks to the Skype2Email Manager, anyone seeking support is guaranteed to receive an almost instantaneous response from RH Travel."

Concluding the discussion about RH Travel's new offering, Mr. Tvaladze highlighted that the development includes a variety of settings for more convenient online manager operations — from managing the content of email notifications to customizing the themes (i.e., the appearance) of group chats. "I'm confident that both our agents and our clients will quickly appreciate all the conveniences and benefits the Skype2Email Manager offers," says Pavel Tvaladze.

Illustration: A DALL-E-generated image of a customer support service.

Author: Xela Ffosined


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