RH Travel Showcases Digital Solutions in Presentation to Industry Leaders

RH Travel conducted another presentation of IT products for representatives of Voyzant, a global travel consolidator in Canada

The RH Travel team continues to introduce leading players in the tourism industry to its digital platforms and services. The latest online presentation of IT products by RH Travel took place on January 18 for representatives of Voyzant, one of the leading global travel consolidators in Canada.

"The meeting, the first event of its kind this year, continued the trend of popularizing our developments through direct communication with colleagues in the travel industry," says Igor Kopmar, Founder and CEO of RH Travel, Inc. "Last year, we conducted numerous presentations both online and live, participating in a series of travel exhibitions around the world. However, this time we didn't limit ourselves to just one product of the company, but presented several of our achievements."

The meeting's participants showed the greatest interest in:

  • RHT Admin — a unique software solution designed for the operational management of all company business processes, as well as interaction with travel agents and travel content suppliers;
  • RHT Accounting System — a sophisticated tool that facilitates financial operations and accounting for global travel consolidators;
  • RHT Group Manager — a centralized platform for requesting group quotes, handling group requests, group bookings, and related processes; it enables agent partners to easily and directly contact airlines worldwide for specific group quotes.

The main features and advantages of the above platforms and services were demonstrated in real-time mode by Dino Molter, CBDO of RH Travel, and Olga Voloshina, one of the company's senior managers. Andrey Gogu, CTO at RH Travel, explained how digital products from RH Travel can be localized and integrated into the digital environments of global travel consolidators.

"I would like to thank Chitparan Jegathesan, Co-founder and CEO of Voyzant, Vikas Jain, Senior Manager at Voyzant, and all the other participants of the meeting for their genuine interest in our digital solutions," concluded Igor Kopmar. "I am confident that our business contacts will soon reach a new level of mutually beneficial cooperation."

Illustration: A DALL-E-generated image of a business meeting.

Author: Xela Ffosined

Source: AgentSky.net

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