"This Tool Is Exceptionally Exciting"

Professional Industry Participants Highly Appreciate RH Travel, Inc. Group Manager Capabilities

RH Travel's team successfully conducted an online presentation of their new product designed for searching and booking airline tickets for groups of ten or more travelers. The Group Booking Request Service, or Group Manager, was showcased to representatives from Canadian companies Onvigo and Huntington Travel Group.

During the meeting, Olga Voloshina, the senior manager at RH Travel, briefly outlined the objectives of the new product, stating, "The Group Manager is a centralized platform for requesting group quotes, handling group requests, group bookings, and related processes. It enables our agent partners to easily and directly contact airlines worldwide to request specific group quotes."

Dino Molter, CBDO of RH Travel, Inc., added that "Group Manager is just one of the modules in our corporate CRM." He explained, "We created this tool based on our own business needs and experience. We embrace technology and automation to simplify the work of agents. Subsequently, we discovered that it was highly beneficial for our outside agents and partners as well."

Phil Sproul from Huntington Travel Group noted that Group Manager is currently "an airline-centric system" and raised the question, "Does it apply to other types of products like FIT (Free Independent Travelers) or ITC (Independent Travel Consultants), or anything else?"

Shean Carmichael from Onvigo expanded on the topic, saying, "You would probably start with air and then add extra components to the booking." This is crucial because "a large part of what groups would be applied to is tour groups, like going to Europe or engaging in similar activities."

Dino Molter reminded everyone that RH Travel, Inc. is a "global airfare consolidator, and the Group Manager was initially designed for our own use. But it can be scaled with proper development."

"Our team is flexible in adapting to different needs," clarified Igor Kopmar, the founder and CEO of RH Travel, Inc. These words were confidently echoed by Andrey Gogu, the company's CTO.

The conference participants further discussed various features of the new module, including the accounting/billing system, multi-currency support, and handling Big Data. They expressed hopes for more constructive collaboration in the near future. "We are looking forward to working with you and collaborating as much as possible," shared their plans another representative from Onvigo, Tania Hung.

Summing up the presentation, Igor Kopmar stated, "It's extremely hard to create something simple, and it's very simple to create something complex. What we wanted to do is to create something extremely simple for our partners to work with."

"Congratulations!" praised Phil Sproul, congratulating the RH Travel team. "The system looks very intuitive, which is great."

"I think the Group Manager is very useful and highly functional for both travel industry professionals and less experienced agents," expressed her opinion Maria Fernanda Intriago, a senior sales executive with over 20 years of accomplished career in the international airline and tourism industry.

"This Tool Is Exceptionally Exciting," evaluated the Group Manager's performance Shean Carmichael. "I think you guys have spent a lot of time meticulously considering every aspect that could be considered for integration."

Author: Alex Denisoff

Source: AgentSky.net

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