RH Travel Launches Group Manager Tool to Simplify Booking of Large Travel Parties

RH Travel, Inc., a global airfare consolidator, has launched a new tool designed to simplify and reduce the cost of booking group flights. The tool, called Group Manager, is now available to travel professionals via the online platform of AgentSky, a part of RH Travel. Whether you're planning a family reunion, sports team travel, or a concert tour, Group Manager offers an intuitive and cost-effective solution for organizing group travel.

The Group Manager, or Group Booking Request Service, allows travel agents to provide groups of passengers with airline tickets at a group fare from various airlines around the world. The group fare can sometimes be a cost-effective option for large groups of people compared to regular tickets.

To access this special group fare, travel agents need to send a group request through the AgentSky.net website. The service is available for groups of 10 or more passengers, adults and children.

"Our clients can easily manage their group bookings through the 'My Groups' section on our website," says Olga Voloshina, the company's senior manager. "They can submit group requests, modify existing requests, add passenger information, make group deposits, and final payments, all in one place."