New Year with New Opportunities for the Travel Platform

The AgentSky team is constantly working to improve the functional capabilities of the website and expand the options available to our travel agents. The next series of external and internal updates to the website will be presented in the coming weeks and months, which we will certainly inform our clients about.

The first significant change was the review of the registration procedure for new agents on the website. The verification system launched at the end of 2022 substantially improves  security measures and almost completely excludes the registration of random people, malicious users, and bots on our B2B website.

Changes have also affected the distribution of roles. Now our future partners can choose a profile for themselves during registration that most accurately reflects the agent's qualifications and type of employment: Home Based Travel Agent or Travel Pro.

"If you are a beginner agent and travel is not yet your main occupation, then the first category is for you. You should choose the Pro category if you are an Agency Owner, Agency Manager, Agency Travel Consultant, Corporate Travel Manager, or Travel Industry Representative," said Andrey Gogu, CTO at AgentSky.

In addition, Mr. Gogu continues, to confirm their belonging to the professional travel business, the agent will need to provide the name and address of the company registered on Google Maps.

AgentSky clarifies that these new requirements only apply to future clients of the company and will not affect the status of already registered accounts.

Author: Alex Denisoff


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