How do you book a MULTI-CITY flight?

The AgentSky Team is constantly striving to improve our incredible booking platform for travel agents, which helps make your work easier.
If your client is planning a trip with several stops, you can book a MULTI-CITY itinerary, as this is much more convenient than booking several one-way tickets between cities. 


The AgentSky MULTI-CITY feature may save your client's time and money. Plus it's less confusing for you, to book all the flights at the same time. Our MULTI-CITY search also makes it easy to compare flights, so you can find the best deals for your clients.

How do you book a MULTI-CITY flight?

  1. Select the “MULTI-CITY” button on the AgentSky search form,
    on the homepage
  2. Add up to 4 segments (destinations and dates)
  3. Select the number of passengers, and edit any of  the other filters for
    an advanced search, and get the best results;  Cabin Class, Flexible Dates, Preferred Airline, Stops and Baggage Allowance
  4. Click the "SEARCH" button
  5. Find the best fare and book it!

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Author: Oksana Gogu


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