AgentSky Feature: Baggage Allowance

Availability to search by baggage or sort by baggage allowance

Baggage allowance can be confusing for everyone.

These days, all airlines have strict rules regarding carry-on baggage and checked baggage. We recommend for you to check out the baggage allowance details when discussing your client's trip, so they don't have any annoying surprises when they check-in for their flights.

AgentSky offers you the option to search and sort by Baggage Allowance

All - Includes all baggage rules  (free-baggage, paid-baggage,  and many other various baggage combinations)
Extra Baggage Fees - Does not  include free-baggage  (paid-baggage options only)
Standard Baggage - Include  at least one free piece of baggage (some paid-baggage options may apply)


Baggage allowances are based on the airline, the fare type, the cabin and class of service, as well as your client's frequent-flier loyalty status with the airlines. 
You may filter the baggage allowance options on the left sidebar of the result page.


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Author: Oksana Gogu


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