AgentSky Feature: SEAT MAP

Select a seat for your clients right after the flight is booked.
An important part of keeping your clients happy is to offer the best possible service, including assigning their seats. 

Whether you're working on an itinerary for just one person traveling alone or friends and family traveling together, your clients will appreciate a seat assignment, plus sitting together makes their trip more enjoyable.

You can assign seats for any number of people on the itinerary you're working on, just ask your clients about their seat preferences, and select the best available seats using the “Seat Map” feature on the AgentSky booking platform.


If you do not assign their seats in advance, our system will automatically attempt to assign seats at ticketing, for no cost. If an airline or the rules of the fare selected does not support advanced seat assignments, your clients may have to select their seats on the airline's website or at the airport upon departure.

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Author: Oksana Gogu


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