Seat Map - A Must-Try Feature for Travel Agents

AgentSky makes airline tickets booking more convenient with Seat Map

Let us introduce one more convenient feature to make planning a comfortable flight for your clients easier by checking all the available seats, choosing the necessary ones, changing the current ones and even more only with the help of the “Seat Map” option.


What is the “Seat Map” option? Seat map is a very nice option that allows you to see the image of the exact certain plane (or planes), connected with your flight(s), check all the booked or still available seats and choose exactly the ones that you are interested in. What else is so special about this feature? System automatically tries to group all the passengers from the booking, so that they will be placed all together on the nearby seats and not spread just all over the plane.


Where can I find the “Seat Map”? The Seat Map may be easily found on the two places of AgentSky website:

1) On the search results page, straight under each of the offered flights (in the bottom right corner);
Seat Map
2) In your personal profile after entering the “All B2B Bookings” tab you will see the “My Seat Map” button among all the buttons under each of your booking.

Seat Map

How it works? On the search results page after clicking on the “Seat Map” button, you will be able to see the exact plane you are going to book seats at and see, whether the necessary seats are already booked or are still free for booking.

After the booking was made, you will be given the random seat(s) on the plane, which you may check in your personal profile. In case, if you would like to change the seats for the different reasons you may go to your personal profile - All B2B Bookings - and click the “My Seat Map” to choose the seats you are interested in. Please, be aware that the seats can be changed only in case if the picked airline provides such kind of services. After you have requested the change of your seats there are three ways of the possible results:

  1. The seats will be automatically changed immediately and you will see your new seats’ number in the same tab;

  2. Your request will be declined, in case if the picked airline doesn’t allow changing seats.

  3. Your request may be put on hold in case, if the system can not give you the immediate answer (don’t worry, it will take maximum up to three minutes). In this case, you will also receive the email with the answer, where you will be told, whether your requested seats were changed or not.

    Go and check the Seat Map yourself on to book flights even in the most convenient way!

Author: Nastya


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