Fare Alert – Get the Best Deals for Your Clients!

Amazing solution from AgentSky makes learning about the best and cheapest airfares easier.

Our team is constantly working to make AgentSky.net search more convenient and easier to use. But sometimes you can be unsatisfied with the prices for the particular airfares. You return to the search results over and over every day to check if there is a change in price and you end up wasting your precious time. In order to help you, we designed an amazing feature every agent will love!

Fare Alert is a remarkable way to find out about the best deals for the chosen destination. Just give us your e-mail and we will notify you with the “Best Deal of the Day”.

How it works?
Next time you will be using AgentSky Booking Platform, notice a FARE ALERT button in the upper left corner on the search results page. When you click on the button, the popup window will appear.

In that window you will have a choice between two options:

  1. I want the best deal of the day – That way you will get an e-mail every day with the best offer for the chosen destination. 
  2. I want the price lower than $... – With that option you will get notified via e-mail only when there is a deal with the price lower than you entered.
Now you need to enter your best e-mail address and you are ready to go! After you click “CREATE” AgentSky.net will notify you daily about the “Best Deal of the Day”.

Fare Alert: Popup

Next time you won’t miss the best offers from AgentSky. Go on and try FARE ALERT feature right now!

Author: Pavel Malisev

Source: AgentSky.net

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