Updated platform for booking airline tickets!

Dear agents! We are happy to inform you about the updated version of our website!

Everybody enjoys hot summer and holidays. So we decided to please you with the new design and colors on Agentsky.net.
We tried to make the airline tickets search engine more functional and easier to use. Now you can try new search filter, which will help to find a suitable flight for you. You can set up the filter so that AgentSky.net system will show you the most convenient airline ticket option for you.
After you choose the flight route that interests you, you click “Book it” and it goes to the page, where all the passenger’s information must be filled in. Here you can see the new look of the “Fee area”, “Time area” and  “Price details”. We want to remind you about the field “Special Instructions for AgentSky Team”, where you can add special comment for our travel agents (for example: to add wheelchair, vegetarian meal, etc.) Flight information and airline ticket price details can be found on the left side of the top of the page.

Dear agents, our booking system still remains the same, but the design of the website is updated.
Please remember, if you have any questions, you can contact us anytime and one of our agents will help you immediately!

Author: Anastasia Radova

Source: AgentSky.net

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